What are we working on?

Recently we have been having some scalability issues, which may have affected the site performance to some extent. This has become more apparent especially when the site is used at peak hours, as many users sign in and use the app simultaneously.

We’ve been able to identify a few problems with the server and also the database. We’re working on getting these issues resolved once for all in next few days. This may involve upgrading existing hardware, maintaining historical data, and optitmizing current database tables, etc. You might experience occasional slow connection during this period. So I’d really appreciate your patience. Once we get this resolved, you will find it a much faster and smoother experience.

We’re also planning to launch a “Resources” section for the site. This will be a place where we post goal setting and personal development related resources, such as inspiring quotes, articles, useful tools, software reviews, etc. The goal of this new addition is to help you keep motivated and achieve more with your goals.

As always, we keep improving the site features on a daily basis. I have received many great suggestions from you. I really appreciate the feedback. Please be rest assured that we value them highly and will always find the best ways to implement what you wanted.

Price Comparison Chart for Online Payment Gateways

If you’re interested in accepting payment online (from your clients or customers), you may find this useful. It is a price comparison chart for common payment gateways for accepting money online.

  Cost & Fees
PayPal 2.2% ~ 2.9% +  $0.30
PayPal Website Pro 2.2% ~ 2.9% +  $0.30
PayPal Palyflow Pro $249 setup, $59.95/month, $0.10/tran.
Authorize.net $99 setup, $17.95/month, $0.10/tran.
PSiGate  $199 setup, $29.95/month, $0.25/tran.
iTransact $49, $99 setup, $10, $24.95 /month
2Checkout $49 setup, 5.5% + $0.45/tran.
Google Checkout 2.2% ~ 2.9% + $0.30/tran.

To find out how to choose which one is best for you, please check FreshBooks’ blog post “Which Payment Gateway Should I Choose?

A Small Improvement in Habits Tracker

We have updated the site with a maintenance release over the weekend. Among the improvements made, I want to show you a change in the habits tracking feature. Please check the new edit form below.


You probably notice that we’ve added a new field, which specifies how many repetitions forming a habit should take. We used to have a built-in 21 days (or repetitions if the habit doesn’t repeat daily) for determining if a habit is formed 100%. Later we found this is too limiting for some users. So now you can have a few more choices, like 30, 60 or 90 days.

The choice you make here will affect the strength of the habits you are working on. For example, if you set a habit to take 60 repetitions, instead of 30, you will then need to check twice number of times for the same amount of formed strength.

We’re also working on a few other features for the habits tracking, one of which would be the ability to track negative habits breaking or removal. So please stay tuned for the next update.