What’s new with the site?

We have been working on a new feature after we launched task reordering feature last week. This new feature, called “Vision Board”, will help you visualize your goals and subconciously focus your mind on what you want to accomplish. We are in the final process of testing the new feature across different browsers and operating systems. It should be launched next week.

In addition to that, we’ve also fixed a few minor bugs, related to daily stats area, and in removing recurring task (thanks to Edward for alerting us about this bug).

 We’re always finding ways to improve the site and make the app more useful for people reaching goals. So please don’t hesitate to send us any ideas or suggestion that you may have that could make the site better.

GoalsOnTrack New Feature: Drag-and-drop Task Reordering

We’ve recently launched a cool new feature that allows you to quickly prioritize your tasks on dashboard, simply by drag-n-droping them into the order that you want.

Below is a simple video I created to demonstrate how it looks like:

Interview: Setting Goals – Staying On Track

Here is my recent interview with Catherine Pratt at Life-with-Confidence.com. I talked about setting goals and ways we can stay on track. Check it out:


GoalsOnTrack: recent updates

  • New feature: Move tasks between goals.
  • Fixed bug in showing “Remove all” link when there is no task shown.
  • Fixed bug in displaying different tasks according to “My Task” selection.
  • Fixed bug in displaying entry counts for Journal achives.
  • Fixed bug when completing task which isn’t found/already removed.
  • Fixed the Tasks menu selection bug.
  • Minor changes to Home page text and title.
  • Added new experimental pricing plan for annual payment.

Why Most People Will Never Reach Their Goals!

by Ken Burgess

It’s sad but true that many people are failing in reaching their goals!

Even though they sit down and ask themselves what they really want in life, write it down, break their goals into small action steps and take action – they won’t achieve most of their goals.

Do you know why they’ll fail? No?

It’s because they forgot to identify the *Benefits* they will gain by reaching their goals!

What does that mean? Let me give you a simple example…

What happens when someone offers you a product? When are you going to buy it? Are you interested in the features of that product?

No, not at all! What you are interested in and influences you in whether or not you are going to buy is to know the *benefits* of this particular product.

You want to know “what is in it for me?” And the same happens to you when you set up your goals. You will not be committed to your goals one hundred percent if you are not clear on the benefits you will gain by reaching them.

When you are not sure of the benefits it’s *very* difficult to maintain the necessary persistence, dedication and enthusiasm!

So, you always have to ask yourself *why* you want to achieve a particular goal. If you are clear on the benefits, you are willing to pay the price. Instead of setting up a goal like “I want to have a successful business,” and then just taking action, you have to identify the benefits.

-Imagine how it will feel like to have a successful business
-Imagine how your family and friends will admire you
-Imagine how you make smart investments
-Imagine taking that long vacation you always wanted

By doing so you will have the necessary momentum that keeps you right on track until your goal is reached. The only difference between those who make it and those who don’t is desire. And benefits and rewards create this desire! Now you have the chance to belong to those who *make it.*