What are we working on?

Just a quick update on what we have been working on lately.

Our main development effort has been focused on implementing iCalendar integration. Once that’s completed, you should be able to import tasks from your Calendar program that supports iCalendar format(ICS), such as Google Calendar, Mac’s iCal, Outlook Calendar, etc. You will also be able to export your tasks in ICS format, to be imported to your calendar software.

We are also working on a few smaller improvements such as, function to delete tasks from dashboard, set completion date when marking a task as done.

As always, we’re open to all suggestions or ideas that you think that may be useful to you. We will try to implement them in the system as best as we could.

Stay tuned, until next post.


Critical bug fixes

We’ve just fixed a bug in creating goals for some users. The bug was introduced by the caching code from last deploy we did early this week. It may have affected some users, but it’s now been fixed and it should be working all right.
Please let me know if you have any problems with goal creation.


What’s new with GoalsOnTrack?

We deployed a new release to the production server early this week. Here are the main changes in this release:

  1. Added “Stop recurring by” field to the task form – This allows you to create recurring tasks up to a date that you specify.
  2. Optimized Tasks page caching mechanism – this should improve the overall load speed espeically if you have many active tasks under many goals. However, please note that every time we do a new deployment, the server cache has to be rebuilt, which means it may seems slower when you first access your Tasks page after the new release, but it should generally loads much faster afterwards.
  3. Added pagination to the Tasks page – This includes both active and completed tasks. We’re trying to find way perhaps to seperate them into different pages, as it makes more sense especially when you have many tasks under both categories.
  4. Minor cosmetic fixes here and there.


Here is a list of things we’re working on, and hopefully to release soon.

  1. Import and Export tasks in iCal format so that you can integrate GOT with Gmail, Mac iCalender etc.
  2. Add a “Delete” option to the “re-schedule” menu on Dashboard so that you can quickly remove a task that may not need to be done.
  3. Add the function to specify the “Completion Date” when complete a task, so that you mark a task as completed, for any date, not just today.
  4. Optimize overall Journal functions

As always, we’re open to any good suggestions that you may have. Please don’t hesitate to let me know your ideas.