Track Your Progress to Achieve Your Goals

If you’re recently set some goals for leading a healthier lifestyle, you’ll have a greater chance for success if you track that progress.

Shira Capellini, a health services researcher says self-monitoring or keeping a wellness journal is very important.

“Research has shown that self-monitoring, or keeping track, is key to achieving your goals no matter what they are,” she said. “Whether it’s monitoring your sleeping patterns or trying to move more or just getting more fruits and vegetables, awareness is so important because if you don’t know where to the areas are that you need to improve, then it’s harder to figure out where to start.”

There are plenty of things you can keep track of in your wellness journal.

“You certainly want to identify what your goals are and then keep track of things that pertain to those goals, whether they’re improving your health or weight loss, and write down more than you think that you need to,” Capellini said. “Things like not just what you’re eating but how much are you eating, what times of day, how do you feel when you’re eating those foods, when are you exercising, how do you feel when you’re exercising, if you’re taking medication, how do you feel after you take your medication.

“You can also include things like how much sleep you’re getting, how do you feel when you wake up in the morning, and how much water you’re drinking.”

Make sure you keep your journal with you and write things throughout the day. If we leave it up to ourselves to write everything down at night, we’ll forget.

Achieving total body wellness does not happen overnight; it takes baby steps, so start with whatever you’re comfortable writing down. You can always build from there.

It’s also a great idea to share your wellness journal if you’re working with a nutritionist, personal trainer or physician.

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