How to enter subjective(manual) progress percentage?

Some users requested for a feature to manually enter the goal progress for a completed task. Actually it’s quite simple now.

When you set a goal, leave the “Progress Metric” field blank, or enter “100%”, which is now the default. Then whenever you complete a task, you can enter a percentage number for that task, as shown in the screenshot below.


However, remember the goal’s “Progress Metric” doesn’t have to be percentage. It can be anything of a numeric value, and the goal’s progress percentage will still be automatically tracked.

Improved Recurring Task Feature

The recurring task function has been improved.

Now you can specify any day of the week for a task that repeats itself. For example, if you want to add a task like “Weekly review” on every friday, then you just check “Fri” checkbox when creating the task. Then on every Friday for the next 30 days, same task will be added automatically for you. Here is a screenshot of how the new interface looks like:


However, please note that these checkboxes are useful only when you create a task. When you update a task, they won’t be used. You need to create a new task to setup other recurring tasks.

Two feature updates

There are two minor updates to the site in past few days.

1. Clearer explanation on goal creation form. Especially the label for “progress metrics”. Please note that if you enter anything doesn’t start with a number, the progress will default to be tracked through number of tasks completed.

2. Hide completed tasks on “Tasks” page. Now the completed tasks are not shown on the index page under the “Tasks” menu tab. This is mainly to reduce the clutter if you have more than 2 or 3 goals. However, you can still see those completed tasks on each goal’s dashboard page. Just click on the goal title, you will still see them there.

Also removed the dropdown box for the progress metrics field, as it seems to be useless.

New Pricing Plans

Today we are officially closing the beta version of GoalsOnTrack and annouce a new version with new pricing plans. The transition from the beta to the new version is transparent and your accounts will not be affected in any way.

Currently we offer two types of accounts,  “Free” and “Standard”. The differences between the two are listed below. For any users who signed up but haven’t upgraded(or paid), you will be under the “Standard Trial” plan, which expires in 30 days and will be automatically downgraded to “Free” plan.

pricing plans

If you wish to continue using the site after 30-day evaluation period, please upgrade your account from the “Settings” -> “Pricing Plans” page, to avoid interruption of the service.

We offer two options of payment. You may pay either through PayPal, or with a credit card. You will receive email receipts of your payment, and your account will be automatically upgraded once your payment goes through.

Even though we’ve closed beta version, that doesn’t mean we are no longer improving and adding new features to the site. There is still ongoing development work being done daily to make the site better. Therefore, you continued support and feedback are always welcome.

If you have any questions regarding the new pricing plans or about upgrading your account, please let me know.