New version launched!

GoalsOnTrack’s new version has been officially launched today.

You should be able to login and use the site using your current login and password. All data you have entered in the old version persists in the new version, though the layout and look-and-feel are different now.

If you can’t login or access your data in the new version, please let me know immediately and I will make sure it’s fixed asap.

Please test around and give the new version a try. Let me know if you have found any bugs or have any suggestions.

Thanks and Happy New Year to You All!

Christmas release

It has been a bit quiet lately on the blog, that’s because I have been focusing on getting this new release done for the past few days. There’re just two days away from Christimas, and a new version is almost ready. Actually the backend is pretty much done already for the production. However, I am still working on several front end items, such as some new screenshots, testimonials etc.

Although I have been trying to test the code as thoroughly as possible, there still could be bugs or minor glitches here and there. I will probably have to deal with them after this release is in production.

Another thing is with the new feature of uploading pictures for goals. I will need to test it all out on a staging server first before the code goes live. If everything goes well, that shouldn’t take long, otherwise, there could be a slight delay. Anyway, I think the new version will probably be out around Christmas, and everyone should be able to see and use the new version before the new year.

Let it snow, let it snow

We had a big snow storm around Vancouver yesterday.  This is probably the biggest snowfall I’ve ever seen since I came to live here. Everything is totally white, and everything looks very different from what I used to see everyday. Here are few pictures of the snow, hope you like them.

snow 1

snow 2

snow man

New look for the home page

I’ve been working on a new design for the home page. The problem with the old(current) design is that it lacks certain critial components, such as navigation) and also the colors do not look very good as well.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the new design, here is how it looks at this moment. My original idea was to make it simple and clean so that visitors will not get distracted by unimportant things except taking the tour and signing up.  Hope this new look somehow is an improvement to the current home page. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.

new home page

100 Terrific Web Tools for Meeting Your Personal and Career Goals

There seem to be so many web sites or tools that you can use for all kinds of things nowadays. But do you know which of them are the best and most easy to use. especially for college students?

Here is a list for 100 web tools for meeting your personal career goals, compiled by the friends at Online College Blog. Check it out here. (Thanks for including on your list too, Kelly!)

A brief down time

There has been a brief down time, about 5-10 minutes, on the hosting server this morning. It happened around 6am. It seemed like some uninitialized object had caused mongrel processes to fail. But it has been corrected now.

For those of you who are interested in the backend setup, the site is running on a dedicated linux server, with Apache/2.2.9 as web server, and 2 mongrel clusters as app servers. The site itself is coded in Ruby on Rails, and the database is running on MySQL 5.

If you’re a web developer or techie person, you may want to check out my other blog at where I occasionally post RoR and web development related stuff.

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