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3 Realistic Ways to Achieve the Goals You Set for Yourself


How many times have you set goals and couldn’t follow through? Maybe you wanted to bring your product to a new market or build out your marketing team in a certain amount of time and just couldn’t pull it off. Whatever the case may be, setting goals doesn’t help anybody if you can’t follow through.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs either struggled or continue to struggle with executing goals. This is one of the major pain points during the early stages of Wakanow, an online travel agency for people traveling to and from Africa. So trust me when I say that meeting expectations is as tough as time management. Read more

Three Smart Ways To Set Personal Goals

By Tamlyn Canham

Half the year is officially done and dusted, which means you should have made some major progress as far as your goals for 2017 are concerned?

Sadly, according to data released by the Statistic Brain Research Institute,  less than 10% of people who set personal goals at the beginning of the year, actually end up achieving them.

This means that there are probably a lot of people who are slacking on their personal goals for the year right about now.

If you are one of those people, the good news is you have six more months to get back on track. Read more

How to Achieve Your Goals By Honoring Your Life

By Kenneth Isom Barnes

Each of us has moments when we start thinking very deeply about life; moments where we have to ask ourselves one question: Is this what I want to do with my life?

If your answer to that question is yes, then I congratulate you for doing what you think is best for you. Unfortunately, some of us can’t say yes to that question. Maybe we’ve had a series of bad turns that start us thinking about what else we could be doing to improve our lives. If you are in that situation, this might be of help.

I am sharing a few keys to life that have helped me through my own journey. No matter who you are, these are nuggets of wisdom that might cause you to grow. Read more

7 Ways To Transform Your Goals Into Rock-Solid Systems

By Scott L. Sind

You’ve been there.

Maybe you have unfinished novels scattered across your hard drive, or haven’t picked up your guitar in weeks, or have stopped practicing that new language you so desperately wanted to learn.

Goals are easy to conceptualize. It’s easy to convince yourself that this time it’s different.

But it still doesn’t work.

Why is it so hard to actually achieve the goals we set for ourselves? Why do so many of us fail? Read more

4 Personal Development Goals You Should Be Setting

By Kris Duggan

When we break down the science of setting goals, a few things are clear: Goals should be measurable, relevant to how you want to progress in the short and long term, attainable, and bound to a period of time. And setting new goals for personal development periodically will help you grow in your career, whether you’re in an intern, a C-level executive or anyone in between.

People who ordinarily perform at 50 percent end up with an 80 percent success rate when they introduce goals to their work ethic, according to MIT professor and researcher Don Sull. And if you go just a little beyond setting goals—either by getting feedback or making those goals public—it’s even more likely you’ll achieve them. Fitbit found that its users take 43 percent more steps on average than those who aren’t counting their steps with a Fitbit. We can grow our own success, even with something as simple as taking more steps each day, if we simply set a goal and make our progress public. Read more

3 Ways You Can Meet Money and Fitness Goals

By LearnVest

Have you noticed how crowded your gym suddenly is this week? Or that all those coworkers who gorged on holiday cookies at the end of December are now munching on salad?

That’s because it’s New Year’s resolution crunch time and getting in shape is one of the most popular goals Americans set every January 1. Read more

It’s Time to Plan for the New Year

By Buffini and Company

The new year is right around the corner. While you may be busy closing deals and putting those finishing touches on your annual holiday party for your clients, it’s crucial to set aside a day or two to assess your wins and challenges in 2016, think about what you want to achieve in 2017, and craft a plan to achieve those goals. Follow these steps to plan a successful 2017. Read more

6 Ways to Make Weight-Loss Stick

By Katina Granger

Weight loss is hard. After working so diligently to lose the pounds on a restrictive diet, the majority of people gain them right back and often gain more than they lost. What kind of diet guarantees weight loss for life? Read more

4 Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable to Your Goals

By Alicia T. Glenn

Over the past few years, I’ve struggled with staying consistent with goals that I set for myself. I would make goals, legitimate things I wanted learn, or ways I wanted to better myself, and not stick to it. For instance, I attempted quite a few times to gain conversational fluency in a language, make exercising, healthy eating, and meditation on a daily basis a life habit. I would do my goal for a few weeks or even a few months, and then fall off, whether it be due to a shift in my schedule or if I suddenly became more busy. That was extremely frustrating, not being able to stick to the goals I set for myself. I’m sure almost everyone can relate to falling short of the expectations you set for yourself. I would constantly make excuses like, “I’m in New York, it’s almost impossible to plan a consistent schedule.” Read more

13 Simple Ways To Stick To Your Goals & Be More Productive

By Erica Florentine

I have always found the process of setting goals to be really easy, but if I’m honest with myself I don’t tend to excel at sticking to them. I don’t think I’m alone in this department. If this resonates with you too, you might find these simple ways to stick to your goals as interesting and helpful as I do. As you’ll see, staying on track with goals is just as much about the process of goal setting (doing so in the right way) as it is about the process of achieving them.

Every so often I’ll open a document on my computer and type out some goals for myself. The headline will read, “Things To Accomplish This Month,” and spelled out below will be a ton of bullet-pointed items that I would never actually have time to accomplish even if I wanted to. I always assume that if I set the bar super high for myself that it’s a better tactic for success. That is until later that month when I realize that nothing on the list has been achieved… even in the slightest. As we’ll talk about in this article, it’s so important to come up with realistic goals when we’re setting them if we want to actually be successful. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. There are countless other tactics to take into consideration when attempting to bring our goals to fruition. That said, here are 13 simple ways to stick to your goals that might make a huge difference in whether or not you’re successful.

1. Choose Realistic Goals

If you’re anything like me, when you set goals for yourself sometimes they’re a bit too out of reach. I’ll, for instance, say things like, “I’m going to read 20 books this month,” even though I know that’s not practical. Then, I ended up reading only a mere book or two by the end of the month and feeling frustrated and defeated. The problem here is that the goal wasn’t made in a realistic fashion. According to Mayo Clinic, when developing goals we should remember to keep them within reach, and have them be focused and well planned out.

2. Be Certain Your Goals Fit Into Your Life

On the topic of keeping goals realistic, a major component of this is making sure a goal or goals fit into your life. For instance, if your goal is to travel the world this year, but you have a full-time job and children, the goal might not realistically fit within your current life. Fox News suggested making goals that you know you’ll genuinely have time for in your day. If your schedule simply doesn’t allow for them, they’ll be incredibly difficult to concur.

3. Put Pen To Paper

Got goals? Write them down. According to Inc., this will help you not only clarify exactly what you want to achieve, but will also be helpful in motivating you as well. The outlet cited a Dominican University of California study that found writing down goals, sharing them with a friend, and then sending weekly updates resulted in 33 percent more success in accomplishing goals.

4. Visualize Achieving Your Goals

Once the goals are written down, try visualizing them in your head and working through how you’ll make them happen. According to DailyBurn.com, try visualizing, too, how accomplished you’ll feel when the goal(s) are actually achieved.

5. Get “SMART”

“SMART” is a method of goal setting defined by Scranton University psychology professor John Norcross. SMART stands for the following:specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-specific — and it’s recommended that people follow these points when developing their goals in order to achieve the most success in bringing them to fruition.

6. Set Aside At Least 15 Minutes A Day For Your Goals

Success.com recommended setting aside a minimum of 15 minutes a day for your goal(s) if you want to succeed. The outlet suggested mixing it up, too, so if your goal is be a more positive person, one day spend the block of time reading an inspiration article, and the next spend it with your most positive friend.

7. Repeat Until It’s A Habit

Make sure that 15 minutes we just talked about sticks, as repetition can help make something a habit, according to Huffington Post. The outlet noted it can take between 15 and 254 days for something to become a habit — a huge difference depending on the person and goal — so continue repeating until you think you’ve nailed it.

8. Hang Out With Others Who’ve Succeeded

DailyBurn.com recommended surrounding yourself with other people who are successful in order to help stick to your goals. The outlet suggested that it’s most beneficial if these people are those who are either working towards the same goal(s) as you, or have already achieved the goal(s) you’re aiming to reach.

9. Use Your Social Support System

Sticking to your goals will be a whole lot easier if you’re being held accountable to them by those around you, according to Huffington Post. The outlet noted success is more likely if you’re held accountable by family, a friend, an expert, and/or a support group.

10. Turn To Mindful Meditation

In the same way you used visualization earlier in the goal-setting process, the use of mediation in sticking to and accomplishing goals could guide you to success. Why? According to Inc., mindful mediation when it comes to overcoming a certain behavior, for instance — like quitting smoking — can help you understand why this behavior exists for you and what triggers it in order to make change truly possible.

11. Download A Great App

There’s an app for everything now, or at least so it seems. So, why not turn to some helpful ones when trying to stick to your goals. Entrepreneur suggested several apps that are effective in keeping you on track with goals and even get digital support from friends and family. Some examples the outlet cited include stickK, LifeTick, and Habit List.

12. Tell The World About Your Goals

I tend to dislike over-sharing personal info on Facebook, however sharing with your network some insight into your goal(s) could actually help you stick to them. Think of how accountable you’ll feel to your personal mission when even those people you haven’t seen since high school are aware of what you’re trying to accomplish. Forbes suggested this method as a way to help stick to and achieve goals, as making the intentions public can make a positive difference in the long run.

13. Remain Focused On The “Why” Behind Your Goals

When you decided to embark on the resolution(s) at hand, likely you had a compelling reason why you were doing so. Keep this “why” fresh in your mind, as that emotional element (or “personal hook”) can give you the power to keep on pushing forward, according to WebMD.

As you can see, sticking to your goals does not have to be a grueling process. By using some of these tips, you might find you’re sticking to and achieving many more goals than ever before.

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