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How to Get Back on Track When You Fail to Achieve a Goal

By Dr. Patrick Keelan

In my work as a Calgary psychologist and a Cochrane psychologist, I encourage my clients to pursue challenging goals as a way to enhance their lives. Pursuing challenging goals fosters ongoing excitement, energy and passion in your life. It also exerts a consistent positive influence on your self-esteem as you regularly demonstrate your abilities and efforts in taking the steps toward conquering a challenge. If your hard work pays off in achieving your goal, the good feelings you experience can last for an extended period of time. Read more

Achieve Your Goals by Tweaking Your Mindset

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D.

The psychology of motivation applies to all of our behavior, from the way we tend to our physical needs to the uplifting inspiration we seek from our loftiest pursuits. Revolutionizing the study of motivation, University of Rochester psychologists Richard Deci and Edward Ryan introduced Self-Determination Theory (SDT) as a way to understand how we can get the most satisfaction out of various realms of behavior from jobs to relationships. Read more