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The New GoalsOnTrack Is Coming

After almost two years of development,  we are now pretty close to launching the whole new version of the GoalsOnTrack. It will be a complete makeover with lots of improvements over speed, performance, functionality and features.

In the upcoming version, you will see significant changes and improvements to the current version.


1. New layout and improved UI

We have complete redesigned the user interface so that it’ll be more visually appealing, and feel more motivating to use.

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New GoalsOnTrack iPhone and iPad Apps

We are excited to announce the launch of new GoalsOnTrack iPhone and iPad (iOS7 style) mobile app, called “GoalsOnTrack App”. It’s available on App Store and ready for download now. Simply search for “goalsontrack” on App Store. This version is a complete redesign of the old iPhone app and is especially optimized for iPad users.

The new version has been designed to be fast, responsive, easier to use and more consistent with current web app. It syncs seamlessly across the iPhone, iPad and web versions. Now the app supports offline mode, where you can use the app without an internet connection. All your changes will be cached locally on your device and can be later synced with the server incrementally.

If you are new to GoalsOnTrack, please note that the new GoalsOnTrack iOS app is for current members only. So you will need an active account/login to access and use the app. If you have an older version of the iPhone app, please remove the old version and then re-install the new version to avoid crashes or potential sync problems.

We are always improving and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. So please let us know what you think and tell us if there is any feature we can improve or add. Thanks!

What’s New for 2014

I hope you all had a great time during the New Year holidays and you are all getting on track with your 2014 goals. In this post, I’d like to share with you some of the current developments with GoalsOnTrack and a few things we’d like to do in the new year.

The main thing we have been working on lately  is the new iOS app which will be a universal app supporting both iPhone and iPad, with optimized layout for each platform (new Android app will come later in the year). It’s been taking us a while and I am happy to say that it’s coming along well and we are almost there. If you are interested in being a beta tester, please let us know.

The app performance is one of things we are always trying to improve. We have had a little bit of trouble with our hosting providers at the beginning of the month. It must have caused you some inconvenience. I apologize for that and I just want you to know that we take this seriously and we’re doing everything we can to ensure maximum performance and availability of the service.

In addition to the new mobile apps, we’ll also improve on some of the existing features in the next few months, such as goal progress tracking, recurring tasks, more ways to track habits, vision board and reporting. We have received many valuable feedback and suggestions from you. We appreciate that very much and are always open to your ideas on how to make the program more useful in helping you achieve goals.

Also we will be looking at adding more goal templates and perhaps supporting languages other than English. So if you have any suggestions or comments in these two areas, please do let us know. Again thank you for your continuing interest and support and wish you all have a prosperous and successful 2014!

New Features: Quick Add/Edit Tasks etc.

We have just released two new features that allow you to quickly add or edit tasks in just one text input box. Click the “Quick add task” link on either Tasks or Dashboard page to add tasks. The quick edit feature is available only on Dashboard page.

1. Quick Add Task

To enter a quick task, just click the “Quick add task” link and enter your task name in the text box, and then press ENTER. You can continue to enter more tasks this way as it’ll auto focus to the next quick add edit box.

All tasks added this way will have “Today” as the due date. On Dashboard page, all your quick tasks will be automatically added to a default goal called “Daily Todo List”. You may change this goal to any other name you like.

2. Quick Edit Task

On Dashboard page, move your mouse cursor over a task name listed under the Due section, then click the task name. You will be editing the task name with an in-place text box. Press ENTER key when you are done. Like adding quick tasks, you can also include tag or set hours within the task name such as “#CALL Make an appointment 0:25″, which will create a task named “Make an appointment” with tag “CALL” and estimated hours set to 25 minutes.

We also fixed a few minor bugs around Tasks page and Habits page. Hope you enjoy the new features and improvements. Let us know if you have any feedback or more suggestions!

New Features on Calendar Page

Recently we released an upgrade which includes a few new features around Calendar page and some small fixes here and there. Most of the new features have been added based on your requests. We appreciate your continued support and interest. Please let us know anything you can think of that may help you achieve your goals.

1. View more tasks by status and tags

On Calendar page, now we have added a new column to the right, dedicated to two navigation sections. One is viewing tasks by status, such as Active, Completed, or All. The other is viewing by task tags. Tags listed here will only include those that have been assigned to your active goals.

2. Use your own colors for goals

We have added support for assigning colors to goals. Using a given goal color, the calendar page will display the tasks that belong to that goal using its goal color. By default, if you don’t assign any color, a default gray color will be used. To assign colors, go to Goals page, just edit a goal and pick the color you like. When a color is picked, the goal section title will also show in a gradient version of that color as background.

3. iCalendar feeds

We have also added iCalendar feed for “All Goals” on Calendar page. Instead of sync your GOT calendar with an external calendar, one goal at a time, you can all sync all your goals with just one iCalendar feed. To get this feed, simply copy and paste the link shown next to the “Calendar for ” dropdown list and make sure “All goals” is selected. Otherwise, you will be getting the feed link for that selected goal only.

Hope you like the new features and improvements. As always, any questions or feedback is much appreciated.

More Ways to Track Your Goal Progress

Just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s new with the GoalsOnTrack. We have made some improvements to the goal progress tracking functions so that now you can specify a starting point for your goal. Once you enter a start progress, your accumulative progress percentage will be based on that, toward your goal progress target.

This will be convenient for setting goals like savings goals. For example, if you set a goal to save $10,000, but now you already have $5000 saved before you start this goal, you can then put $5000 as the progress start.

We have also added an option for you to manually update a goal progress, without using the task outcomes. This will be useful if your goal’s measurable progress doesn’t exactly correlate with task completion. For example, for most weight loss goals, you can manually enter your exact weight as a way to update the goal progress. Or for goals like, reading a book,  you can put the exact page number as the goal progress.

These new features are entirely optional, and if you don’t need to use them, do nothing as they will not affect in any way how your goals have already been setup.


Updates and improvements: complete task note, progress stats & more

It has been a while since our last major upgrade with new vision board features. We have been working on a few relatively small fixes here and there during this time. Here are some recent changes that you may have seen in the program.

1. Goal progress stats: Now the goal progress bar shows the actual statistics of your task completion progress made on goal, either the numbers of tasks completed or the actual metrics units vs. the total.

2. Complete task note: Now you are able to enter a quick note when completing a task. This may be useful for writing down things related to the task, such as the outcome of the task, reference information, etc. These notes are visible immediately in the completed tasks section, and also from the Tasks page.

3. Fixed a bug in completing tasks while a specific goal category is selected on Dashboard page.

4. Fixed a bug in setting goal category as parent goal when converted to sub goal.

5. More date view ranges on Tasks page: now you will see more options such as Tomorrow, Next Week for active tasks, and Yesterday, Last Week for completed tasks.

6. Fixed a bug in misalignment of timezone difference between tasks from GOT and those synced with Google Calendar or iCal feeds.

7. Fixed a bug in adding journal entries that have unusual character sequence that conflicts with encryption algorithm.

We’ll keep improving and adding new features to the program. If you ever find any problems or bugs, or have any suggestions or feature requests, please do let us know. Thanks for your continuous support.

New Vision Board Features

We have recently launched an update to GoalsOnTrack web app which includes some new features for vision board tool, and some improvements to goal picture layout and gallery feature. With the new vision board, you can now upload pictures directly to it without adding pictures to goals first. You will also have more control over which pictures to show, and upload your own music (MP3 file) to play along with the slideshow, etc.

Currently on Goals page, if you click on a goal picture thumbnail, it will open up a lightbox of the picture in original size. To change the picture, simply hover your mouse over it and click on the small edit icon on the top-right corner of the thumbnail.

With slideshow options, please note that Ken Burns effect can only be used when the picture is set to ScaleToFill mode. If you find the animation slow, you may want to disable the Ken Burns effect to improve the speed.

Hope you like the new vision board. As always, please feel free to let us know any suggestions or feedback you may have.



GoalsOnTrack Mobile App is Here!

We are excited to announce that the new GoalsOnTrack mobile app is now launched. The app makes it easy to manage your goals, work on tasks, stick to habits, and keep a journal on your smartphones.  It is built in HTML5, CSS3, and  jQueryMobile so that it should work consistently across all major smartphone platforms such as iPhones, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, etc.

GoalsOnTrack Mobile App

GoalsOnTrack Mobile App

To access the mobile app, simply point the web browser on your smartphone to this link:


You will be prompted to sign in to your existing GoalsOnTrack account, but only for the first time when you use the app. Afterwards, it will automatically login and redirect to the app’s Home view. Once you’re in, you may want to bookmark the link or add it to your phone’s home screen for quick access next time.

We will be closely monitoring the app for the next few weeks just to make sure everything runs smoothly. If you ever find any bugs or issues with the app, please do let us know so that we can get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for your continued interest and support.

Have a great weekend and hope you enjoy the app!


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