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The New GoalsOnTrack Is Coming

After almost two years of development,  we are now pretty close to launching the whole new version of the GoalsOnTrack. It will be a complete makeover with lots of improvements over speed, performance, functionality and features.

In the upcoming version, you will see significant changes and improvements to the current version.


1. New layout and improved UI

We have complete redesigned the user interface so that it’ll be more visually appealing, and feel more motivating to use.

2. Better goal organization and progress tracking

In the new version you will not only track your goals, but also your accomplishment and dreams, with multiple sub goal levels. Navigation by category and time frame will also be more streamlined and easier to use.


3. Quick task functionality with recurring options

Now there is more than one way to add and complete tasks for your goals. With flexible recurring options, you can build complex goal plans in just minutes.

4. Enhanced habit tracker, vision board and journal tool

With new habit tracker, you can see and track at two-week view of all your habits with intuitive slider navigation. Vision board and journal tool have also been updated with the new layout and better UI.


The new version is also responsive and should work well on any mobile device such as smart phones or tablets.

There are many other things worth mentioning, but it’d be much easier if you just go in and try it out for yourself.

Please note that the new version is currently running on a separate system so the data you enter in the beta will not have anything to do with your current/old version. When we officially launch all the information you have entered in beta system will automatically go into the live standard version.

We are working on a few things that need to be fixed before the final launch. New updates are being pushed to the beta almost every week. So please keep checking back for new updates and changes. Let us know if you find any bugs or have any feature suggestions.

If you have a current account, you can try out the public beta from My Account page. Just click on “Upgrade(beta)” link to access the new version.


7 Responses to “The New GoalsOnTrack Is Coming”
  1. Earl Rudolfo says:

    Thanks for the update, Harry. So good to hear that the new version of Goals on Track is almost ready to go live. Started using your app at the start of 2017 and was very impressed with its capabilities. Especially like the Habits and Journaling features. Also the vision board to help in visualizing goals. Looking forward to getting into the new version of G.O.T.

  2. Arik Gindes says:

    I’m excited!! It looks really good! I hope it still has the task timer and habits feature.. :)

  3. Jean Paul says:


    I just signed up for goals on track this week. I saw the beta version and now I am confused as to whether I should use the regular version or start using the beta. I have tested both and they are significantly different to use.

    What’s you recommendation Harry?

  4. Harry Che says:

    Jean, you can use both if you want. We will still keep the current version in operation even after the new version is launched. Just to make sure that people who prefer not to upgrade can still use the current version.

  5. Harry Che says:


    Thanks for your feedback. It does still have timer and habits tracker.


  6. Harry Che says:

    Thank you, Earl.

  7. Jean-Paul Pangalos says:

    Hi Harry,

    Thanks for your reply.

    When will you launch the new version? Is it matter of weeks or months?

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