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Ultimate Productive Habits: 8 Simple Practices that will Enable Success and Happiness

By Plash.in

As humans, we like to achieve, striving for bigger and better things. We work towards successful careers, relationships, and optimal health. In order to achieve great things, you need to work hard and develop strong habits.

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Get Off Your Butt: 10 Ways to Get Motivated

By Mel D.

Today I would like to talk to you about motivation. I’m sure that all of us – me certainly included – feel unmotivated at times. Especially when it comes to your fitness goals you will eventually hit a rough patch of low level enthusiasm from time to time. Maybe you are still searching for the workout or workout routine that suits you best, or perhaps you are getting bored of the same workout day in and day out. Maybe you feel like the results are coming too slowly, or you feel like all those lofty goals you planned to achieve are crumbling in front of you because you went overboard with your binge yesterday and now think that you are utterly incapable to keep up your discipline for the long term.

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Goal Template: Create $500 monthly passive income

To achieve financial independence, we don’t want to trade time for money, for ever. Instead, we want to invest our time upfront creating valuable products and experiences. We work hard now to continually reap the benefits later. Adopt this template to get started on your passive income building goal.

Goal Template: Create $500 monthly passive income

Goal Template: Create $500 monthly passive income

To see details of this template, along with many other useful goal templates, please check out the Goal Templates page.

How To Get Serious About Reaching Your Goals This Year

By Nellie Akalp

Did you make a New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of January? Did you resolve to go to the gym, lose weight, make more money, save more money, or be less stressed? So how are you doing?

Don’t worry if your resolutions have already fallen by the wayside. You’re not alone. A FranklinCovey survey found that more than 75 percent of people break their New Year’s resolutions, and 35 percent don’t even make it until the end of January.

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Don’t just Set Goals, Create a Strategy for Success

By Andy Bailey

Chances are you recently created a 2015 “strategic plan” for your organization. You spent about three hours in a conference room with other managers and employees to brainstorm goals for the year ahead. What you probably ended up with is a list, such as:

Become No. 1 in our market.

Grow the business.

Expand our team.

Improve customer satisfaction.

However, these are not strategies, nor are they plans, by any means. These are goals, vague statements of intent. Growing your company is a good, achievable goal, but it doesn’t tell you anything about how you plan to accomplish it. The truth is, Read more

Goal Template: Pay Off $10,000 Debt

Are you drowning in debt? Is it tough to come up with the money to pay your bills every month? Does getting out of debt seem absolutely impossible? Don’t stress, because it can be done! Use this template to get out of debt faster. Simply replace credit card #1, #2, #3 with any debts you have to pay off.

Goal Template: Pay Off $10,000 Debt

Goal Template: Pay Off $10,000 Debt

To see details of this template, along with many other useful goal templates, please check out the Goal Templates page.

Setting Goals Paves Way to Successful Year


At the beginning of every year, our timelines become congested with posts declaring “new year, new me.” Many see these posts and roll their eyes or scoff at the poster because he or she says the same thing every year. Every year, millions of people create New Year’s resolutions that they are determined to stick to, despite past failures. However, by mid-January, many have already given up on their resolutions, and have vowed to try again another year. Read more

5 Ways to Keep Your Eyes on Your Goals

By Joey Pomerenke

Entrepreneurs wear an insane number of hats. They are CEOs, CFOs, assistants and even IT specialists. Yet, even with their head down in various roles, they remain focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever that prize or goal may be, it’s imperative that you learn how to keep your focus engaged therein.

Here are five ways to help you keep your eyes on your goals. Read more

Goal Template: Save $10,000 to Create an Emergency Fund

According to a 2011 survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, 64% of Americans don’t have enough cash on-hand to handle a $1,000 emergency. If you don’t have money put away for emergencies, you’re walking a financial tightrope. Building an emergency fund is one of the most important ways to protect yourself against financial disaster. Use this template to start your own emergency fund saving goal.

Goal Template - Save $10,000 to Create an Emergency Fund

Goal Template - Save $10,000 to Create an Emergency Fund

To see details of this template, along with many other useful goal templates, please check out the Goal Templates page.

A SMART Approach to Job Search Success

By Shelley Johnston

Many people start the new year by making resolutions such as adopting a healthier lifestyle, learning a new skill or finding a new job.

Although they begin with good intentions, many struggle to keep their momentum and eventually give up altogether.

If you want to achieve your resolution to find the right job for you in 2015, you need a strategic plan with SMART goals that will help you stay on track, be effective and conduct a productive job search.

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