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Developing A Success Mindset: Goal-Setting, Simplified

By mind-sets.com

Goal-setting is one of those things that seems like it should be very simple, but can often cause anguish and aggravation. Even worse, if it’s not done productively it can convince us that we’re doomed to failure and prompt us to give up on our dreams forever.

The number one mistake that most people make when goal-setting is Read more

6 Small Things You Can Do When You Lack Discipline

by Leo Babauta

One of the biggest problems people face is the lack of discipline — they have goals or habits they want to achieve, but lack that discipline needed to stick with it.

Then we beat ourselves up about it. We feel crappy because we can’t stick with it.

And that leads to more failure, because we’re forming a mindset that we don’t have the necessary discipline.

Here’s what to do when you face a situation like this: Read more

10 Tips for Reaching Physical Activity Goals

By EveryDayChoices

Nearly seven out of ten Americans don’t get enough physical activity.   Being inactive is more common among women than men, among older adults, and among African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos than Caucasians.  Physical inactivity is a risk factor for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Physical activity does not need to be strenuous to bring health benefits.  Whether it is a structured exercise program or just part of your daily routine, all exercise adds up to better health. Below are some tips for reaching your physical activity goals. Read more

Meditate to Achieve Your Goals

By John Assaraf

Your mind is like a mental muscle, and you want to start out working this muscle just as you would a bicep. By strengthening your ability to quiet your mind, you will increase your power of intent and focus. As you do so, elements of your personal and business success will start to take shape in your mind. Read more

One of the Best Goal Setting Exercises


Someone very smart once said, “How we spend our days is how we spend our life”. Life doesn’t usually change overnight (as much as we would often hope it would). It changes, because we make little tweaks in our daily habits. Sometimes we do it intentionally. But a lot of times we just kind of start doing something differently, considering it to be insignificant minor change, but these small actions add up to huge life changes over time. Read more

5 Proven Ways to Overcome Laziness

By Dejan Davchevski

What is laziness? Despite being the killer of dreams a most grounded answer would be lack of motivation because of false focus. It is the “quality” of being unwilling to work or use energy.

Laziness happens when we focus on the tasks ahead of us instead of the main goal. It is focusing on what for too long and forgetting about the why, why we do what we do.

This is a black hole for motivation. It leaves us with that feeling of “I just want to lie in my bed”. Read more

4 Simple Strategies for Effortless Success

By Beau Norton

Effortless success is something not many people believe in. Most people believe that you need to “work hard” in order to achieve success. I would have to disagree with that. Working hard might make you successful, but there are plenty of other routes to success that are much less stressful. It is really the simple things that lead to success. All you need is a little self-awareness to be able to stay on the right path. Read more

Chunk-down That Goal


Sometimes our biggest life goals seem so overwhelming.

We rarely see them as a series of small, achievable tasks, but in reality, breaking down a large goal into smaller tasks—and accomplishing them one at a time—is exactly how any big goal gets achieved.

After you have decided what you really want, with specific deadlines, the next step is to determine all of the individual action steps you will need to take to accomplish your goal. Read more

How to Keep a Journal for Your Goals

By Eric Nishio

Today I will be sharing some tips on how to keep a journal that will help you to keep focused on your goals.

What kind of journal are we talking about?

You can use anything as your journal. Whatever feels appropriate and comfortable. A folded piece of paper. A .txt file on your computer. The Notes app on an iPhone. A leather-bound diary. Et cetera. I’m using Read more