Use This Method to Stay on Track with Your Weight Loss Goals


Many people make a common mistake when setting weight loss goals: they set the initial goals and begin moving toward them, but they never pause to evaluate how they are doing along the way. Then a month or two or three passes, and they wonder why they haven’t yet reached their goal.

To prevent this from happening to you, set up a daily evaluation process where you can see clearly whether you are still on track with your goals:

The first step in this process is to get an idea of the actual steps you want to take each day to begin losing weight.

Do you need to reduce your intake of fast food?  Cut down on sugar?  Drink more water?  Eat more fruit and vegetables?  Work out each day?  These are all common methods that are effective for weight loss, but you may also have your own unique methods that work best for you.  Write all of these steps down so you know exactly what you’ll be doing each day to move toward your goal.

The second step is to look over your list at the end of each day, and evaluate whether you stayed on track or not.

Do you see any areas that need improvement?  Any areas where you need to strengthen your willpower?  Any old habits that are creeping back into your day?

When you notice areas that need to be adjusted to stay on track, take steps to improve them.

For example, if you have a habit of drinking several glasses of soda each day and you’re struggling to eliminate it, compromise by allowing yourself one 8 oz. serving of soda each day.  Stick to that for a week or two, and then cut it down to 4 oz.  Then eventuallyeliminate it altogether.  Or go with the old “substitution” method by drinking diet iced tea or lemon water in place of soda.

The methods you use to change your unhealthy habits don’t really matter, as long as you are continuously working on creating better habits.  And more importantly, constantly evaluating your progress so you know where your weaknesses are.  This is the surest way to stay on track all the way to the achievement of your weight loss goals.

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