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Price Comparison Chart for Online Payment Gateways

If you’re interested in accepting payment online (from your clients or customers), you may find this useful. It is a price comparison chart for common payment gateways for accepting money online.

  Cost & Fees
PayPal 2.2% ~ 2.9% +  $0.30
PayPal Website Pro 2.2% ~ 2.9% +  $0.30
PayPal Palyflow Pro $249 setup, $59.95/month, $0.10/tran.
Authorize.net $99 setup, $17.95/month, $0.10/tran.
PSiGate  $199 setup, $29.95/month, $0.25/tran.
iTransact $49, $99 setup, $10, $24.95 /month
2Checkout $49 setup, 5.5% + $0.45/tran.
Google Checkout 2.2% ~ 2.9% + $0.30/tran.

To find out how to choose which one is best for you, please check FreshBooks’ blog post “Which Payment Gateway Should I Choose?


5 Responses to “Price Comparison Chart for Online Payment Gateways”
  1. Conal Duffy says:

    i use paypal its really great

    i think it would be fine of all the payment option through one

  2. Cliff says:

    phoneTransact.com : $0 setup, 2.09% + .24c/transaction, $19.95 / month (NMI and Authorize.net compatible gateway)

  3. Pat says:

    Could you post an updated price list for 2014???

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