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Top 10 Small Business Goals for 2010

Have you wondered what the top 10 goals are for small businesses for 2010? SmallBizTrends recently published survey results that show the top ten most voted goals. See if any of those may surprise you.



How to Live in Present while Achieving Your Goals

If you are fan of Eckhart Tolle, or have ready his book “The Power of Now”, you may wonder if what he preaches in his book or teachings can be helpful in achieving goals. I’ve been having the similar question as the one people asked him about in this video below.

At first, it can be very confusing. But after giving it much thought, I seem to understand that what’s important is perhaps not in how Echkhart Tolle’s teachings can help you achieve goals, but rather about how it can help with the reason or purpose behind the goals you want to achieve.

Anyway, it’s always a great pleasure to watch Echkhart Tolle speaks. Check out this video and let me know what you think.

Ultimate To-Do List for Everybody

Men’s Health magazine published a “Ultimate To-do List for 2008″. It’s a great list and I think it can benefit every one, even in 2010. From fitness and sex advice to health and money tips, these lists will help you achieve every goal.

Among them, these are just a few you may find useful:

For the entire list, go check out http://www.menshealth.com/ultimate/.

Calendar Tool Launched!

We’ve just recently launched a new feature on GoalsOnTrack which allows you to schedule and manage tasks for your goals through a calendar tool. It’s accessible as the “Calendar” tab on the main navigation bar.

Currently there are two “views” on the calendar interface, weekly and monthly views. You can switch between the two views by clicking on the small gray buttons on the top right corner on the calendar.

To add a new task to your goal via calendar, just click on any blank date. If that date already has tasks, simply click on the blank area not covered by those tasks. To edit or complete a task, click on the task itself.

To schedule your tasks, simply drag and drop a task to any other date you want. This is probably easiest way to schedule a task with GoalsonTrack.

You can also view only those tasks that belong to a certain goal, by selecting from the dropdown list at the top of the calendar. Please note that at the moment, the calendar displays only active (uncompleted) tasks. For completed tasks, you can see them on the goal’s page.

I hope the new calendar tool is helpful to you. If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to let me know, either by leaving comments here, or sending me email through the contact us form.

Paper based Goal Setting Tool

Are you more a paper and pencil type of person when it comes to goal setting?

If you are, you may want to check out this neat little tool called “5×5p5 Goals Booklet“. It’s a free PDF download that you can print it out on a nice sheet of paper, and fold it up into a neat little booklet. You can keep it in your wallet and keep track of your goals anywhere you go. What a nice idea!

Goal Setting Booklet

Goal Setting Booklet

Upcoming new features in GoalsOnTrack

We have been busy developing new features and making improvements to the app. Thanks to the feedback of many GOT users, I was able to identify several features that people want to see most in the product. We’re taking an incremental development and improvement approach. New upgrades will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

First to be available in GOT is a new full view calendar tool, which allows you to manage  goals and tasks on a calendar interface. This will make your job extremely easy when it comes to re-scheduing your tasks under different goals. Also a calendar view of all your tasks will give you a better view of what your schedule is for the month, or the week. Here is a sneak peak at how it looks like.


In addition to the calendar features, we’re also working on two main improvements. One is the recurring tasks, and the other is sub-goal support. We’re making changes to the way how recurring tasks work so that it’s more compatibile with the way it works in programs such as Google calendar, Outlook that most people are familiar with.

We’re also going to support adding sub goals for parent goals, so that all progress made on sub-goals will be reflected in parent goals. This may help you better break down a bigger goal and achieve it more efficiently.

Beyond, we’ve also done some work with the new iPhone/mobile version of GoalsOnTrack. However, it’s just started so I don’t have much to share at this point. So please come back and check this blog often to see what’s new with the site.

What Should You Write About in Journal For Your Goals

GoalsOnTrack comes with a feature where you can write journal entries for your goals. Some people may wonder, “What should I write about in my goal journal?”

Well, this is all up to you. There are many things you can write about in there. For me, I don’t write much about my goals, but I do write one thing in it pretty much on a daily basis. That is, my goals themselves. Just all my active goals.

Everyday, I write them out in the journal what my long term, mid term and short term goals are. That’s it. I occasionally try to phrase the same goal a bit differently, but generally it’s just repetition of writing down all my goals every day.

I’ve been doing this for about two years, and I think it has done wonders for me. At least there are a few benefits of doing this from my own experience.

  • 1. Writing down my goals on a daily basis helps me remember them. Believe or not, many people fail to accomplish their goals, only because they have forgotten about them after a little while.
  • 2. Writing down my goals helps me think about if they’re indeed what I want. Strangely sometimes we set goals that aren’t actually what we want for ourselves, but rather someone else’s wishes, society’s conditioning, etc. Writing them out gives me a chance to really reflect on them and decide for myself if it’s something I truely want to accomplish.
  • 3. Writing down my goals helps me clear my mind and block out all other distractions that seem to pile up more and more on top of my goals. Without doing this, I usually find my goals tend to slip beneath more and more unimportant things.
  • 4. Writing down my goals helps me subconciously find ways to achieve them. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I just find myself achieve far more goals that I’ve been writing down on a regular basis than all other things I once set for myself to accomplish but never get to write them down.

So that’s how goal journal has helped me. I believe if you start writing down your goals on a regular basis, you will also reap the benefits as I did.